Dynamic Forum Signature Information

Alright, so I’m about to start on this new dynamic forum signature script. It will allow you to have users post a personal message on your signature at any time. The first release will not have any type of security on it, but version 2 will have a medium (no links allowed) security level, and version 3 will be a commercial script (you must buy it) which will have, as of right now, the following:

This list may change in the future, but I’ll be sure to cross out the items I’ve changed my mind about, so you will know what’s been changed. 

  • Admin Center – View / Edit / Delete upcoming strings to be shown on the image. 
  • High Secutiry – Disallow links, blacklist certain word(s)
  • Block IP Addresses – Each string posted will have an IP address attached to them, you can block that IP if they post something disturbing.
  • Payment Processor Included – This one is an IF!

But I will start working on Version 1 right now, and release it in the next 15-60 mins!


3 thoughts on “Dynamic Forum Signature Information

    1. Appreciate it!
      If you have any questions, or your members have any questions, feel free to comment them below and I’ll answer all questions.

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